About Us

iGAP Solutions established in 2013.  The business aims to bring solutions to those difficult business problems involving people.  Gillian Perry was encouraged to set up the business after 30 years in the utilities industry providing change management skills, HR expertise alongside proven leadership capability and many years in IT.   This site will be developed over the coming months to show the challenges and sucesses of the business.


Our People

Gillian Perry MBA

As a Senior International Change Manager with many years experience focused on the utilities industry, Gillian has helped deliver transformational change programmes resulting in year on year savings of over US$100M to the US subsidiary of National Grid.

She has over 30 years’ experience in change not only from an HR prospective, but with skills developed from her many years working in IT development and operations.

She has a proven leadership and change management skill set that involves managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve company objectives. Having first-class analytical and problem solving skills having managed a training organisation and the implementation of IT and non-IT Projects.

Gillian experience encompasses working with multi-national teams and facilitating group work between the UK & US organisations that requires a good knowledge of different cultural, legal and regulatory frameworks.

Why we are different

Working with a group of associates with both similar and different skillsets we can provide a business with some great insights into making transformational change as well as making a step change in their business.

What makes us stand out from lots of consultancy firms is that our plan is to support you and give you ideas to make your business a sucess, but we are not looking for long term employment opportunities  with organisations.  Our sucess will be when organisations we work with are able to continue to be sucessfull as we move onto our next assignment.  If you ask us back it will be to encounter a different challenge.



Currrently working closely with Ofsure Associates who provide services internationally on finding the right sourcing partners.  This fits well with our ability to manage change and develop internal capabilities to manage quality partnership arrangements.

Over the coming months we will add more details of some of the partnership work we are undertaking.