Change Management


With experience in managing change programmes, creating tools and frameworks to help others manage a change sucessfully there are a number of ways in which we can help you:


♦ Support to develop you change strategy


♦ Provide you with some techniques and tools to help your change


♦ Provide change management support


♦ Provide Organisation design support


♦ Facilitate workshops to bring creatively solve your problems

Leadership Development

There is no magic wand we can use to create a leader.  However we do know that understanding your own personality type and developing skills to help your leadership style can make you into a better leader.  We can provide support in:


  • ♦ Understanding your leadership style


♦ Coaching your leaders


♦ Providing tailored workshops to develop skills

IT Strategy

Many companies are finding it more an more difficult to decide how to ensure their IT systems are competitively and reliably sources.  Working with a group of associates we are able to help you with developing y our IT strategy and all of your sourcing needs.  We have a significant level of experience of offshore development.





HR and Talent Management

From HR Systems to employee relations.  From Talent management to employee engagement we have skills to support your needs.  Contact us to understand more.