Vision and ability to adapt

Observations have shown that the clearer the vision the more likely and organisation is to acheiving a change.  What makes a good vision and how can you make sure that your change is a sucess.  We will be adding the research here as we continue.


By looking at company visions of both sucessfull and unsucessfull companies I wonder if there will there be any observations to be made on what makes a good mission or vision statement.

Is our ability to change affected by our personality?

During the summer break  we have been working on a book about change management.  One of the key areas of research here was to consider how individual personality types effect company success especially when a change is needed.  The research may take some time however, our book will be a simple story based on a fictitous company where a major change may or may not be sucessfull.  As you read the book we will tempt you to see what you think the outcome will be.  The story will be backed up by field book to show the theory behind the change and how this could be a true story.



Future Research Plans

With so much we are looking at now we currently do not have our next research planned but watch closely here for more news.