iGAP Solutions established in 2013 aims to bring solutions to those difficult business problems where the change has a major impact on peoples.  Gillian Perry was encouraged to set up the business after 30 years in the utilities industry providing change skills, HR expertise and IT sjills. This site continues to be  developed over the coming months to show the challenges and sucesses of the business.

Recent Projects

The has been a busy year.  I am working with a major utility and their US Business to refresh their Organisation Design.


The Change Management institute UK 2015 Accreditation is underway.  We had 4 new Master ACM's in May and we are now starting the Autumn Accreditation. The next webinar is 27th august 2015. .


Just working on a short publication on Change in an Outsourcing environment. - More information soon.


In 2014 Completed a sourcing stragegy with a team from Ofsure Limited for an Investment Bank.

Current Projects

During the summer break there are two key projects we are working on the first is preparing for the Change Management Autumn accreditation and the other is writing a Change book. Further details of the book will be posted here.

Future Projects

Some of the future projects will feature here.  Currently Gillian is working with a major utility.